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Ihsahn - 'Eremita' Being a massive music lover, as well as a lifelong metalhead and purveyor of greats such as Emperor, it stands to reason I am familiar of the mighty Ihsahn.

A Norwegian music teacher by day, he is the composer of many a fine and tasty album and some of the best and most epic black / symphonic black metal music ever produced. His solo material, ebbs between all the formulas you'd expect from the Mikael Akerfeldt of darkness.

This is his fourth studio album and follows 2010's brilliant 'After'. I purchased the album on a recent wander into town for little other purpose than to wander, and evidentially, collect some splendid music (I also happened upon some Mozart, Chopin and Rachmaninov for added badass-ary). From the start, you know it's going to be a barrage of genius melodies and epic crescendos that sound like orchestral anvils falling from the skies. For some reason, there are some jazzy trumpet moments in amongst the flurry of the album and whilst it works overall, that's one instrument I think that should stay confined to the realms of 'the jazz'.


I can't really fault the album; I don't feel it's his strongest (I would marry 2006's 'The Adversary' if it were possible... and a few others didn't mind me playing around). Solid guitar work is one thing that's a guarantee with a musician of Ihsahn's calibre, but what really sets him apart from his peers is his ability to craft, well, truly fucking incredible songs. Bars of glory and wonder come from nothing and merge as if it were constructed by an overlord, without flaw.

I happen to be listening to the album for the 10th or so time now at 2am and it's the sort of album I could listen to anywhere; on the train to work (as I have), whilst taking care of house-hold chores (as I did) and listening to it at in the nether-hours of the morn' (as I am). It's a rarity that such an album can tick all the boxes, but this is one to check out. If you've never listened to this sort of style before, try starting with this.

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  1. 'Arrival' [05:40]
  2. 'The Paranoid' [04:43]
  3. 'Introspection' [05:37]
  4. 'The Eagle and the Snake' [08:47]
  5. 'Catharsis' [04:50]
  6. 'Something Out There' [05:09]
  7. 'Grief' [02:21]
  8. 'The Grave' [08:18]
  9. 'Departure' [07:07]


11:45:24am, 15th Nov 2014