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The wallpaper for the login screen is, as with most things on GNOME 3, surprisingly gnarly to sort... not so much in the actual operation, but in terms of finding out the necessary!

Obviously a fair chunk can be automated and tweaked slightly but nevertheless, handy information if you're the kind who wishes to replace the GDM wallpaper.

Create a file called '' (name is irrelevant) in the path /root/gnome-shell-js/;


06:38:33am, 3rd Jul 2017


This has probably been the longest delay in getting a finished design live in many years... but as with every revision, there comes about something new under the bonnet too.

The biggest progression, for want of a better word, is that the oft-mentioned-never-materialising CMS that I've been working on and off for many years has leapt forward significantly. That's not for now, not least because it's not public yet. On the front-end that you can see, however, I've tried something new with the CSS in a bid towards a far more manageable colour-palette.

So, now I'm working to define the spectrum and have it declared once. You make use of an element's association by means of the var attribute (e.g. color: var(--c-black); or border-left: 1px solid var(--c-black);).


06:10:08am, 24th Jun 2017


Jan 17th, 2017 : This is old (circa 2014) but it has relevance still.

If it weren't obviously from the detail below, this is only applicable to ESXi / vSphere environments running on HP ProLiant chassis.

Needless to say, these are ONLY guidelines; use your own common sense and diligence...


15:01:57pm, 17th Jan 2017


Frankly, it is of little surprise (and to a point a bearable burden) that much of what you do, say, look for and desire is captured, monitored and scrutinised with the aim of, essentially, marketing the world around you and the content that you're served (although the real reasons are generally far more totalitarian).

Your existence and your interests are nothing more than a row in a database; you are a numerical metric who's behavior and reliance on technology feeds the beast that serves you. Even the most vigilant and staunchly defiant resistors who aim to exist below the radar through Tor or various 'anonymising proxies' would be hard pushed to guarantee they'd never (at least willfully) submitted or contributed some sort of seed to the stockpile.

Our reliance on technology, and ultimately the internet, means phones are no longer just a medium for simply contacting others but are our gateway to society; they are a lifeline of integration into the every day world. They have become the critical object to check for before you leave the house and with our behavior of using them to pay for goods, compare products, to function as a literal guide and to instantly retrieve answers or directions, they facilitate every component of every-day life. We currently exist alongside generations who simply will not use paper maps, instinctive navigation or to some degree, even real textbooks (even less so siphon through arguably superfluous information, by proxy learning more, in the search for what they are seeking).


03:37:41am, 14th Jan 2017


This is a copy (for my sake) of a thread I've started on the WineHQ forums.

It's a well documented problem but I am unsure of what correlation(s) have been made previously. Intention of this thread is to progress with further debugging.

When run with wine32/64, Steam is capable of negotiating HTTP sessions, but often verbose output flags 'fixme' issues with WINHTTP / proxy complaints etc.


11:53:49am, 22nd Apr 2016


Been waiting for this for ages... and I bet the rest of the album is brutally heavy!


12:47:42pm, 2nd Apr 2016


24th June 2017 : This has been improved significantly, as per this derivative on GitHub.

Below is an improved approach to something previously detailed.

As then, the intention of this script was to deploy an AEM agent to remote workstations using -searchbase scopes, with logging. Progress notification (i.e. bar) and a more efficient foreach are on the cards, but this can be easily tweaked to allow deployment of any other silent binary, such as a Bomgar agent;


15:29:56pm, 22nd Mar 2016



It's doing the rounds but I've no idea where it originally cropped up... almost certainly 4chan or Reddit.

Still, a gem :)


15:24:03pm, 20th Mar 2016


15:17:14pm, 20th Mar 2016


Bob the Process

Bob. Bob the Process.


15:14:42pm, 20th Mar 2016