My MMO Mistake

08:49:26am, 16th Nov 2014

Slowly Happening...

It's taken 4 hours to get this far, but at least I'll have the weekend... (to investigate cable!).

Update : I left it running for a further 6 hours only to find that when I checked it again, no progress had been made at all... and it's nothing to do with the speed of my ADSL2! Fibre is on the cusp of being ordered today, though it won't save me immediately. Note to self (and others); do not shutdown your machine in the middle of the initial download of The Elder Scrolls Online as it is using a very strange pre-fetch and decompression mechanism that means, despite the carrot-dangle of a pause button, has zero cache-retention.

All frustration aside... I bet it's worth it and the screenshots forthcoming!

Update 2 : I said the mechanism was strange; turns out it's beyond a joke! The download didn't stall, it simply attempted to de-compress after it had finished, and as I only had around 45GB free, it wasn't enough. You need an incredible 60GB free hard-drive space despite it indicating it just needs ~27-30GB before the installation.

This much is bearable, if not frustrating (only because it didn't clarify this, at least, clearly)... but for it to not keep the cached data and to force you to re-download it all again is beyond any justification (either technically or logically).

Let's try again... I only have these two days and so far much of them has been waiting. Pants. A side-note is that I spotted these interesting nuggets... I'm sure at a later date I'll check out how relevant they are.

# Launcher\ProgramData\Host.{SIDA}\{SIDB}.patchmanifest


# Launcher\ProgramData\applications.json

Update 3 :


It's only taken this long;

Time Downloading TES (Last Hour)

Time Downloading TES (Last 24 Hours)

Update 4 : In short, after a few hours of playing, I am not impressed and it wasn't worth the wait. Granted, it's still in BETA but you can gauge the general jist of what to expect.

Despite my love for Skyrim, I've never been a big fan of the MMO-esque games and I was hoping I might find a happy balance with 'The Elder Scrolls Online', but all it did was leave me aching for the secluded escapism of running around Tamriel on my terms, without interruption.

Maybe my thoughts will change, but I can't see it happening.

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