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  1. Quasars; power and metrics beyond all comprehension. Staggeringly beautiful information... and very well written.
  2. "I'm sorry. I can't come in today. Religious holiday. The feast of...Maximum Occupancy."
  3. Verifying myself: I am sgnls on UJa01G4v3YRJYB1LFjDRSf1Nh0bh1sOykCbq /
  4. Be sure to take care of your own infrastructure(s); purge dumps, tunnel and lock-down egress transit, encrypt and permission CORRECTLY!
  5. It really doesn't matter what else gets released; Sikth's 'The Future in Whose Eyes?' is THE album of 2017. #albumoftheyear

Masscanning the Internet

Updated : 13:48:56pm, 13th Mar 2016

This is a topic I've long considered discussing in public and whilst there are better examples, I found this an interesting watch... if not frustrating, for reasons of my own.

Long term, I might look to use this as a catalyst to upgrade this thread to a 'project' as there is far too much to focus on this element of interest in just a few paragraphs... © 2006-2017

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