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  1. Quasars; power and metrics beyond all comprehension. Staggeringly beautiful information... and very well written.
  2. "I'm sorry. I can't come in today. Religious holiday. The feast of...Maximum Occupancy."
  3. Verifying myself: I am sgnls on UJa01G4v3YRJYB1LFjDRSf1Nh0bh1sOykCbq /
  4. Be sure to take care of your own infrastructure(s); purge dumps, tunnel and lock-down egress transit, encrypt and permission CORRECTLY!
  5. It really doesn't matter what else gets released; Sikth's 'The Future in Whose Eyes?' is THE album of 2017. #albumoftheyear

In Defense of Our Good Name?

Updated : 01:47:03am, 14th Feb 2017

Frankly, it is of little surprise (and to a point a bearable burden) that much of what you do, say, look for and desire is captured, monitored and scrutinised with the aim of, essentially, marketing the world around you and the content that you're served (although the real reasons are generally far more totalitarian).

Your existence and your interests are nothing more than a row in a database; you are a numerical metric who's behavior and reliance on technology feeds the beast that serves you. Even the most vigilant and staunchly defiant resistors who aim to exist below the radar through Tor or various 'anonymising proxies' would be hard pushed to guarantee they'd never (at least willfully) submitted or contributed some sort of seed to the stockpile.


Surgical Meth Machine - 'I'm Invisible'

Updated : 12:47:50pm, 2nd Apr 2016

Been waiting for this for ages... and I bet the rest of the album is brutally heavy!



Updated : 16:08:36pm, 9th Feb 2017


It's doing the rounds but I've no idea where it originally cropped up... almost certainly 4chan or Reddit.


The Structure of Linux

Updated : 15:20:32pm, 20th Mar 2016

The Structure of Linux

Source :


Bob the Process

Updated : 15:17:19pm, 20th Mar 2016

Bob the Process

Bob. Bob the Process.


The Impact of MINIX

Updated : 19:11:06pm, 18th Mar 2016

Grab a cup of tea and sit down for an utterly fascinating and entertaining 10 minutes :)


Your Path

Updated : 17:23:47pm, 16th Jan 2017

Your Path


Updated : 09:13:13am, 30th Apr 2017

Abraham Lincoln 01

Masscanning the Internet

Updated : 13:48:56pm, 13th Mar 2016

This is a topic I've long considered discussing in public and whilst there are better examples, I found this an interesting watch... if not frustrating, for reasons of my own.

Long term, I might look to use this as a catalyst to upgrade this thread to a 'project' as there is far too much to focus on this element of interest in just a few paragraphs...


The Expert

Updated : 14:19:45pm, 13th Mar 2016

A classic example of my day when I have to deal with anybody outside of engineering :)

Merry New Year

Updated : 13:04:30pm, 1st Jan 2016

Merry 2016; I've kicked it off with a new version of the design, tweaked and streamlined from v7.

At least starting in January, I have a clear benchmark of how long this one will last...


Devoid - 'Brahma Weapon'

Updated : 14:04:50pm, 13th Mar 2016

A well found gem of Indian metal.

Paradise Lost - 'Faith Divides Us, Death Unites Us'

Updated : 06:09:46am, 17th Oct 2015

Powerful... and poignant.


Abbath - 'Warriors'

Updated : 03:14:34am, 3rd Oct 2015

I literally cannot wait any longer for this... awesome.


Witcher 3 Wallpapers

Updated : 11:17:28am, 19th Sep 2015

Witcher 3 : Geralt

Witcher 3 : Ciri

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